Asking Creates Miracles -  Ask and you shall receive

Asking Creates Miracles - Ask and you shall receive

How to catapult yourself and your life into a new dimension ( Inspiration x Creativity ) ²

Tanija Hammer , - Hammer-Inspiration² ® (Hrsg.)

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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ISBN-13: 9783752814408

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.08.2020

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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The Book of 1000 Questions and Infinite Possibilities:

Ask and you shall receive - Question and experience the answer!
There is not a single answer in this book. It contains only questions.
Questions empower - answers disempower!

Here is the concentrated energy of the questions that empower you and lead you to a divine, free, orgastic and wonderful life.
It is all a question of asking.
One single question can change your life. A life full of questions can change all our lives.

This book is your upgrade, the trampoline that catapults your life, love and work into a new dimension and makes you the director of your life and the true creator. (Inspiration x Creativity)²
Experience the best of yourself - grow beyond and rise above yourself!

The book accesses the knowledge that everyone already has and leads you to the memory, to your origin, to your heart and to the connection with you, the people, the knowledge and the infinite possibilities.
Create yourself and your world as you like it.

The book works with the law of resonance.
It inspires you to dive into the energy that you truly are and to be the vibration that connects and resonates with what you want to live and experience from the heart.
Questions are also energy and create an oscillation which in turn resonates at the same frequency.
In this way, questions not only create a consciousness for yourself and remind you of your inner truth, but also draw the events and experiences into your life that are your answers to the questions.

The questions are energetically enriched by pictures from the series ARTanija.

Intuitive guide for creators and those who want to become creators.
Tanija Hammer

Tanija Hammer

Tanija Hammer is a holistic artist and source of inspiration as versatile as life and as multi-dimensional as the universe.
Not to grasp (to understand) - only to experience.
She creates herself and her world as she likes it and seduces the reader to dive into his or her own energy and potential and to be a powerful creator.
The visionary and researcher sees herself as a paradise designer, miracle producer, knowledge creator and source of consciousness, joy of life and divine pleasure.

- Hammer-Inspiration² ®

- Hammer-Inspiration² ® (Hrsg.)

Hammer-Inspiration² ® brings together all of the books, publications, workshops, creations and methods that Tanija Hammer created to inspire consciousness, raise vibrations and empower people to perceive and live who and what they really are.

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