With proper training to more energy and health

With proper training to more energy and health

Muscles with brains and energy to enjoy! Avoid training mistakes, reduce your weaknesses and strengthen your physical and mental performance.

Gerhard J. Mandalka

Sport, Wellness & Beauty


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This book is about effective training. The author explains how the body works and how to design a workout that supports personal goals. It also provides information on metabolism, weight loss, muscle building and orthopaedic problems.

The book offers a well-founded and understandable explanation of how the body works and how to design an effective workout. The author emphasizes that effectiveness is not to be equated with fast, hard or long training, but rather with a conscious training that supports one's own goals.

The author also refutes some common myths spread on social media, such as the idea that a certain exercise can help you lose fat, build muscle, become more agile and reduce stress. He clarifies that muscle and fat build-up always take place in the body at the same time and that endurance training should take place under good oxygen coverage in order to increase endurance and have more energy.

What is particularly positive is that the author proposes a clear order for the structure of different aspects in the body. He compares this to building a house and stresses that while it is possible to start with the roof or the garden, it is more meaningful and effective to start with the foundation.
The book also provides information on metabolism, weight loss, muscle building and orthopaedic problems. The author explains these topics in an understandable way and gives concrete tips and advice.

Overall, the book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make their training more effective. It provides sound information, clear explanations and practical advice. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in effective training.
The book provides a comprehensive guide for effective training, based on sound information about the body and its functioning. It refutes common myths and offers concrete tips and advice.
Gerhard J. Mandalka

Gerhard J. Mandalka

Gerhard J. Mandalka is an experienced coach with 20 years of expertise. He holds a master's degree in prevention and health psychology and a bachelor's degree in business psychology (B. A. ). In addition to his Bachelor Professional of Physical Fitness CCI, he has also set three world records.

Gerhard J. Mandalka is inspired to continue his education and to serve as a role model. He deals with the problems and goals of his clients every day in order to help them improve their physical situation. Especially often people with special problems such as heart disease, coronary artery disease, orthopedic and psychosomatic diseases as well as large sporting goals seek his support.

Gerhard J. Mandalka is convinced that illusions can easily be sold, but this is wrong! For this reason, it provides its readers with an honest instruction manual that will help them improve their lives and increase their performance and well-being.

Website: https://4bam.de/buecher

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