Winning Spirit

Winning Spirit

The 7 Principles of Success

Aeneas Appius

Selbsthilfe & Recht


352 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783757812904

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.06.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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WINNING SPIRIT reveals the DNA and recipe of success. It encourages young and old not to lose sight of their own dreams and to pursue them with much joy and gratitude until the end of life. The book conveys the 7 principles of successful people and, with the "Panther Strategy", contains a methodically structured guideline for achieving one's own goals. 40 building blocks of success support the reader with well-founded expertise, motivating advice, inspiring testimonials and challenging exercises in his development into a positive-thinking winner.

WINNING SPIRIT explains how to activate the driving force on a daily basis and how the black panther may be used as a virtual mental coach to achieve goals.
Aeneas Appius

Aeneas Appius

Aeneas Appius was born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1960. He is married and father of 3 children. He started his professional career as a banker before discovering his passion for sales. For over thirty years he was a reliable, valued and innovative revenue generator in the high-tech and IT industry. His motivation has always been to exceed the company's targets and further develop the business model. The high dynamics in these industries demanded his ability to learn, goal orientation and profitability every day anew. He holds a Master of Business Management and a degree as Certified Board Member.
After many successful years in amateur football, Aeneas discovered a new sporting passion for running. He continuously improved and was soon able to compete in championships with the best long-distance runners in Switzerland. After injury-related set-backs, he returned to the road to victory strengthened, as he consciously used the rehabilitation phase to explore other sports and stayed in shape with them. He developed into a summer and winter multi-endurance athlete and achieved several duathlon World and European Championship titles in his age group with a self-coaching process.

His winning spirit, resilience and strong capability for learning have accompanied him for over forty years in business and competitive sports. His great list of accomplishments asserts his credibility as a successful individual. For decades, Aeneas has also worked with successful people and studied their behavioral patterns. He has gained the conviction that every person can achieve his goals and dreams and that success can be planned and learned, and is, above all, a matter of the mind. As a performance coach and speaker, he motivates and trains companies, organizations, teams and ambitious individuals to achieve their personal success.


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