Wilma Weekworm explains: Virus & Co

Wilma Weekworm explains: Virus & Co

A learning story for children at kindergarten and primary school

Susanne Bohne

Sachbücher für Kinder und Jugendliche


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ISBN-13: 9783751926119

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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.04.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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Poor Wilma Weekworm has a runny nose and a cough. Her head is very hot and she doesn't feel well at all.
Wilma Weekworm is sick.
Her friend, the doctor worm, Sebastian Splendid, explains: A virus probably gave her this runny nose. And because Wilma is a clever worm, she naturally wants to know exactly:

What is a virus?
Why can viruses make you sick?
How do you get well again?
How can you avoid getting infected by a virus?

Child-friendly, and with hands-on pages (e.g. the "virus puzzle" with an exercise on the shapes of circles, squares and triangles), Wilma and Sebastian explain the topic, "Virus & Co" to children in nursery, kindergarten and elementary school.

With a learning poster about the most important hygiene rules
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Not only nowadays, with the spread of Corona virus, this is an important topic to explain our world to our children - without causing panic and fear.
Susanne Bohne

Susanne Bohne

Susanne Bohne studied German literature and worked as a designer before - inspired by her daughter - she began to write and illustrate children's books starring "Wilma Weekworm". She thinks that humour is a good survival strategy and that the little things in life are often bigger than they seem. This is also the story of her novel, "The Crooked House", published by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag in December 2019.

On her blog, "Hallo liebe Wolke" (Hello, my dear cloud), Susanne Bohne talks to clouds about her everyday life between being a writer and being a mom, and makes many of her stories available to children free of charge.

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