When the Moon fell in love with the Sun. Life is a Story - story.one

When the Moon fell in love with the Sun. Life is a Story - story.one



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ISBN-13: 9783710882463

Verlag: story.one publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 31.08.2023

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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In 2021, I met the most beautiful soul. We didnt intend to fall in love, but we did. The relationship wasnt easy. Because of our life situation, we saw each other every 2-3 weeks, sometimes we didnt see each other for months. But still, we were filled with so much love and gentleness. However, sometimes love cant beat life. We broke up while being in love, while not wanting to do so. He was my muse and I wrote multiple poems during our relationship. This is a collection of all of them, showcasing our good moments, our hardships and my emotions currently during the breakup.
Maybe you will see yourself in this story. Don't be afraid to love, it is beautiful even though it may hurt. But it is worth it.


Grima, born 2002, university student
Life is filled with art, we just need to be brave to reach for it. I am still learning it but writing helps. My poems and short stories reflect my own emotions about life, love, my mental health issues, fears and describes my mental growth.

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