Wallflower Stories. Life is a Story - story.one

Wallflower Stories. Life is a Story - story.one

Skylar C. R. Wolf

Film, Kunst & Kultur


68 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783710855542

Verlag: story.one publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 13.08.2023

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Farbe: Nein

18,00 €

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Once upon a time, a wallflower collected moments of strangers' lives and given them new names - the names of Greek god*desses and heroes. In hopes to remember the souls they've met and those who shared the time with them for a little while.
Those are a few stories showing different facets of life - of friendships, love, heartbreak and loss.
Skylar C. R. Wolf

Skylar C. R. Wolf

With a slight addiction to cranberry juice and tea, Skylar (he/they) spends most of their free time reading, writing or playing video games. Other times he is working in a German bookshop. Between prose and poetry, they have hang for queer stories with and without sprinkles of tragedy.

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