Via Claudia Augusta by car, camper, bus, ... "Altinate" +"Padana" ECONOMY

Via Claudia Augusta by car, camper, bus, ... "Altinate" +"Padana" ECONOMY

Guide for a successful journey of discovery (maps in color, city maps and remaining pages in black and white)

Christoph Tschaikner



196 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783757821302

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 23.06.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Via Claudia Augusta
with car, camper, bus, ...
"Altinate" and "Padana" in one book
+ GPX track on

Donauwörth - Lech - Augsburg - Landsberg am Lech - Schongau - Allgäu - Füssen - Reutte - Tyrolean Zugspitz - Fernpass - Gurgltal - Imst - Inntal - Landeck - Tyrolean Oberland - Reschenpass - Vischgau - Merano - Burgrafenamt - Bolzano - South Tyrolean Wine Route - Piana Rotaliana - Trento

Varinate "ALTINATE": - Valsugana - Tesino High Valley - Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park - Feltre - Valbelluna - Prosecco Wine Road - Montello and Colli Asolani Wine Road - Treviso - Sile Nature Park - Altino - Venetian Lagoon - Venice - Jesolo

Varinate "PADANA": - Vallagarina - Rovereto - Lake Garda - Valpolicella - Verona - Po Valley - Ostiglia on the Po River

Guide for a successful discovery trip
ECONOMY = maps in color, city maps and other pages in black and white
(alternatively there is also PREMIUM = all pages except city maps and text pages in color, BUDGET = black and white)

The heart of the guide is the 62 color maps in 1:50:000 format and 14 even more detailed maps of the cities with an ideal circular route.

The short historical introduction and over 500 photos and other illustrations serve to set the mood for the trip.

In the appendix of the cycling tour book there is a compilation of 200 selected hosts, with indication of the map where you can find them as well.

The route for car, camper, bus, etc. leads along picturesque country roads and romantic mountain roads, through interesting places and towns with many sights, and impresses with its great variety:
Every few kilometers a new landscape
3 countries, 2 languages
a variety of different cultures
3 climatic zones
At the end of April, beginning of May you can even experience 3 seasons: A last snowfield in a shady spot at the Fernpass, sunbathing in the very south and all the shades of spring on the way.
In autumn you can discover the freshly harvested delicacies, which grow in great variety along the route and are processed into specialties

The Via Claudia Augusta follows the first Europe-connecting road across the Alps, to which the Romans added the paths of the Etruscans, Venetians, Councillors
Christoph Tschaikner

Christoph Tschaikner

The author, Christoph Tschaikner, has been continuously dealing with the Via Claudia Augusta, its history and its special features for 20 years. He is himself a passionate traveler, a passionate discoverer of the country and its people. He knows the route and also the people who live and work along it, but also the many travelers who every year follow the Via Claudia Augusta in the footsteps of the Romans across the Alps.


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