The WORLD Theater

The WORLD Theater

The Transformation of our World

Rafael D. Kasischke

Wirtschaft & Management


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The world is a theater. This was not only known to Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Today, due to Corona, it has also reached many people. They see the world as a great theater. In this theater play, not the virus plays the biggest role but money. Because the virus devoured a lot of money. However, people no longer want to give importance to this new play. They have finally awakened from their deep slumber.

Rafael describes a world that is facing a major change - not only the world, but each of us humans. And with the change, a new awareness of money comes to us. We realize that we are the creators of our money and our lives.

Let yourself be taken into the depths of Rafael's wisdom as well as his optimism for the new generation and the new world. The focus of his attention is supporting them.
The old world is coming to an end. The new world is already born.
Rafael D. Kasischke

Rafael D. Kasischke

Rafael worked for German and Swiss banks in Latin America, the USA and Europe for 40 years. He got to know the money business from all sides down to the deep abyss. He placed a special focus on the psyche of market participants and customers. Ultimately, he was more of a psychologist, psychotherapist, and doctor than a banker.

After leaving the banking industry, he puts his emphasis to the new way of looking at money and dealing with it. He teaches this to the world.

Now, he is in the process of establishing an endowment fund in Switzerland, in the benefit for the young generation worldwide. This fund will provide financing to the young generation for building their life and vocation paths. First, they will discover their inner richness and their individual assets with the assistance of the new Life and Money school in Switzerland which Rafael is setting up.

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