The Ultimate Ginger Diet For Weight Loss

The Ultimate Ginger Diet For Weight Loss

Add Ginger to your Diet to Lose Weight Faster

Dieter Mann

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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ISBN-13: 9783752603972

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 19.04.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Ginger has long been known as a cookie additive or nausea cure, but did you also know that this kick of a spice can help you lose weight? Studies have shown that ginger helps suppress the appetite, increase metabolism and even help resolve bloating - if you know how to use it.

"The Ultimate Ginger Diet for Weight Loss" shows you how to add this incredible root spice into food, teas and detoxes in order to benefit from its miraculous properties. Along with weight loss, ginger has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels, reduce stomach acid, decrease bloat, calm the body and even offer pain-relieving effects as an anti-inflammatory. It seems there is nothing this spice can't do, in fact, there is an old Indian saying, "Every good quality is contained in Ginger." Many health specialists are starting to believe this to be true.

If you are searching for an easy and natural way to improve your health and lose weight, this book will show you how. Ginger IS the natural health solution you have been looking for.
Dieter Mann

Dieter Mann

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