The story from the European corn borer Willi and his fear before transgenic Maize

The story from the European corn borer Willi and his fear before transgenic Maize

Detlef Schmidt

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


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ISBN-13: 9783743137066

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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Genetic engineering admires as a method and process of biotechnology and at the same time cursed? Why cursed?
This method uses specifically in the genetic material (Genome), and thus in the biochemical control processes of living beings (including the plants).
The story about Willi the European corn borer should explain without much "gobbledegook" how the green genetic technology works. At the same time, with this story, I would like to give the readers an idea of the application of green genetic engineering. Let every man form his own judgment!
Detlef Schmidt

Detlef Schmidt

I, Detlef G. Schmidt, the author of the book was born in 1955 in Berlin (Germany). On April 1. 1972, I began an apprenticeship as a biology laboratory technician at SCHERING Inc. in Berlin and successfully completed it. Until the takeover of SCHERING Inc. by BAYER Inc., I worked there until 2008.
In the spring of 2009, my family and I moved to Brandenburg (Germany). Here in the Teltow-Fläming I set up an ″insect laboratory″ in an old barn. In my possession are 79 insect boxes. My science library contains about 1300 books. Of these, about 350 are ″real″ books and the rest are books in PDF format.
Insects have fascinated me already in my youth and here in Brandenburg I have the great happiness to observe the nature and especially the insect world with its still existing variety to study.

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