The six pillars of life

The six pillars of life

What you really need for WELL-BEING - AND HAPPINESS

Maximilian Malchiner

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How frustrating it is when, as a seemingly successful person, you have achieved everything, yet life feels unfulfilling. When uncertainty sets in. When unhappiness prevails. When everything seems out of balance. More and more people are losing their equilibrium as they sacrifice certain aspects of their lives on the altar of a high standard of living.

Success and outcome-focused thinking are not everything. If your quality of life matters to you, this book presents a possible path. While everyone in the world is driven by the pursuit of happiness, only a few manage to truly attain it. To be happy, it is crucial to have a good relationship with oneself, with life itself, specifically with the Six Bastions of Life.

The provided self-reflection questions assist readers in examining their integrity and stability within these areas.
Maximilian Malchiner

Maximilian Malchiner

Renowned internationally as an expert in personality psychology and leadership development, Peter Maximilian Malchiner has carved a remarkable journey of transformation. From a thriving career as a top actor to building a media conglomerate and assuming the position of CEO, he ultimately discovered his true calling as an executive coach, mindfulness and sport mental psychologist, and esteemed speaker. His debut book, "You are more!", became a bestseller in various countries in Europe, captivating readers with its profound insights.

Throughout Europe and Dubai, Peter Maximilian accompanies success-driven top executives and athletes who prioritize balance, harmony, and happiness in their lives. With fluency in four languages, he has personally mentored over 20,000 individuals over the past 12 years, empowering them to unleash their potential and achieve remarkable results.

Peter Maximilian resides on a Spanish, where he cherishes moments with his family and dog. In his leisure time, he finds joy in hosting and cooking for friends, while also indulging in invigorating boat trips on the open sea. With several decades of experience in various martial arts and equestrian sports, he embodies a profound understanding of discipline, resilience, and personal growth.

Join Peter Maximilian on a transformative journey and discover the keys to unlocking your true potential. Experience the guidance of a seasoned professional as he shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise.


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