The secret stories from 1001 nights

The secret stories from 1001 nights

Noah Fakier

Erotische Literatur


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ISBN-13: 9783753434896

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Erscheinungsdatum: 11.05.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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I dedicate this book to the victims who are still threatened with the death penalty for their love. The stories in this book are for all people who are free from prejudice and want to learn more about love and lust among men. There are many poems from the ancient Orient that tell about it. That was a tradition for over a thousand years. And everyone was pleased. Today all kinds of love are recognized in many countries. Only the Orient plays an inglorious role in this. In doing so, he questions his rich human history. This book ties in with the ancient traditions of the Orient. Life intolerance was a strength of the empire at that time. The true size of a country is shown in the freedom and happiness of its people who live in it. There is no substitute for money or wealth. It was like that in earlier times and it always will be. One can only hope that humanity will win again in the Orient. It's not just about abolishing the death penalty for men who love each other. It is about the freedom of all people to be able to live in love and be happy. This is a fundamental law of humanity that goes far beyond all religions in the world.
Noah Fakier

Noah Fakier

The author Noah Fakier from Berlin writes homoerotic and bisexual love stories. His message is: With the eyes of love, all people are beautiful and unique. No matter where they come from, what gender or age they are. It is universal bliss and therefore a driving force in our life. In his stories, eroticism, and passion play just as natural a role as feelings, longing, adventure, and humor. His drawings on these topics, which he shows in many stories or published as calendars and drawing portfolios, are now enjoying increasing popularity internationally.

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