The Quest to Save ABC Manufacturing: Volume 2

The Quest to Save ABC Manufacturing: Volume 2

Daniel Donahey

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The Quest to Save ABC Manufacturing: Volume 2 is a business novel that continues the story of William (Buddy), a dedicated Senior International Project Manager, from a German parent company. Buddy is on a quest to help save his company's struggling US subsidiary. To succeed, Buddy must first convince a group of talented managers to help him introduce and implement true organizational change. Together, they learn how to successfully meet US customer and colleague expectations in a German-American business environment. Very quickly, Buddy learns how Americans think and talk about business, how they work, lead and expect to be led, including how they use over 900 AMERICAN BUSINESS EXPRESSIONS AND WORDS, many of which are virtually unknown outside of North America. Buddy is so successful in the USA that he is next asked to produce the same results for ABC Manufacturing's entire international organization. This book is highly realistic, very exciting, and a perfect example of edutainment.
Daniel Donahey

Daniel Donahey

Daniel Donahey is an expert in intercultural leadership, team building and consultative selling. As an American trainer and consultant, based in Germany for over 30 years, he has presented seminars, done keynote addresses, and conducted executive coaching programs for companies of all sizes in seventeen countries; these include USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, UK, and numerous other European countries. Donahey is a sought-after facilitator and speaker in both Germanic and North American companies, and thanks to his extensive leadership and hands-on management experience, his training programs are always outcome-focused, highly effective and participant centered. In over 3,200 training events and speaking engagements, he has received outstanding participant feedback as well as exceptionally favorable coverage in the German national press. Additionally, he has twice received the "Teaching Award for Excellence" for his popular course in International Sales Negotiation, which he conducts in support of the Professional MBA Marketing and Sales program at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Austria.


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