The Pegasus-Paradise

The Pegasus-Paradise

Genesis 3.0 A new Creation Myth from our Future

Anselm Keussen, Gabriele Breucha

Romane & Erzählungen


380 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783754391396

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.09.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Do you remember? When you heard about the Creation Myth of the Genesis in the Bible for the first time in your childhood?
Maybe you had some important questions back then, about Eve and Adam and their 'sinful fall from paradise' - but they were hardly dealt with or even answered in the classroom.
And yet your questions remained.
Therefore, you're now interested in a Genesis that perhaps fits our present and future times a little better.
Together with the young divine couple - Thea and Theo - plus their children, this will bring you to the planet Aeon in the solar system named Pegasus, where a completely different and innovative creation of the human species is just about to begin.
Following the apple's scent, so to speak . . .
Another scene unfolds in the SYS(X)Y planetary system, which certainly shows some parallels to our human history on Earth.
Following the story further, you may gain a completely new perspective on the 'creation' of Eve and Adam - as well as of their children.
All this, however, is happening on the background of the threatening 'Universal Shockwave', a dangerous inter-galactic war of space-faring civilizations, which had been ignited by an ill-minded super-mutant.
His name is Oren the First.
Finally, you can witness, how Thea's and Theo's family teams up with their wise and powerful friends, in the all-out attempt to hold up this fire-storm of myriads of burning worlds at the last moment . . .
But how can there be any working or even successful plan, in the face of the staggering forces of the Ultra-Empire at the command of the 'Dark Ruler'?
And where will all those trials and tribulations lead Thea's and Theo's family?

'A truly heart-warming and inspiring novel!'
- A well-versed editor -
Anselm Keussen

Anselm Keussen

Anselm Keussen, Dr. med./ MD as a General Practioner, specialized in Depth-Psychology based Psychotherapy
and is licensed as a Doctor for Psychotherapy, working in his practice in Munich, Germany.

Gabriele Breucha

Gabriele Breucha

Gabriele Breucha has a Diploma as an Oecotrophologist (Dipl. Oec. troph. = Nutritional Scientist) and is a licensed Healing Practitioner and Psychotherapist with her own practice in Munich.

Further, she is an expert in both Eastern and Western Astrology, in Homeopathy and Phytotherapy.

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