120- Days to Strengthening Your Parent-Child Relationship

Taniesha Burke

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ISBN-13: 9783748182672

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Erscheinungsdatum: 27.11.2018

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Have you had the desire to improve the relationship you have with your children? Do you want to create more interactions in which your children are cooperative? Are you interested in creating beautiful memories of your parenting journey? Then this journal is for you. The parenting journal helps you to take the first steps to develop the relationship you desire.

The Parenting Journal was designed to assist parents in developing a healthy loving relationship with their children. The activities were created from the findings of the author's research on parent-child relationships, which suggest that parents and children feel close to each other when there is an emphasis on interactions that they mutually enjoy. Moreover, parents experience more cooperation and less resistance from their children when they intentionally create experiences that both parent and children appreciate.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THE PARENTING JOURNAL: 1. Through the daily activities, you will be encouraged to intentionally focus on the positive aspects of your relationship with your child. The more you focus on the positives of the relationship, the more positivity you'll experience. 2. You'll gain a greater awareness of who you are as a parent and an adult. An increased self-awareness provides the opportunity for you to change yourself, your parent-child relationship, and your family dynamics. 3. The guided questions are ideal for the busy parent who does not have time to write a long unstructured journal entry every day.
Taniesha Burke

Taniesha Burke

Taniesha Burke, Ph.D. is a mother, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Cross-Cultural Psychology Researcher, and Lecturer. Dr. Burke has worked with youths and their families in Jamaica, Canada, and Germany through her courses, workshops, mentorship, and coaching programs. She is passionate about working with families, especially those who struggle with acculturating to the culture of their emigrating country and ethnic minorities. Dr. Burke's research focuses on child development and parent-child relationships. Her research objective is to promote the strength and resilience of the family.

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