The Most Beautiful Book

The Most Beautiful Book

A Tribute to horses

Julie von Bismarck

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ISBN-13: 9783982610924

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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.03.2024

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In this book, riders and horse owners share their most personal, beautiful, moving, and life-shaping experiences with horses. It is a beacon for the uniqueness of these extraordinary, intelligent, gentle, funny, and incredibly sensitive animals that will not only inspire horse enthusiasts but prompt every reader to reflect. Anyone who reads this book will recognize that animals have a soul and feelings that are equal or sometimes even superior to humans. 
"These stories are a testimony to how significant the love of an animal can be, how much we can learn from them, how often they save us. - And it becomes clear how loud it can be when you whisper. Hopefully, this book will encourage readers to reflect and bring about positive change, not only for horses, but for all animals." Julie von Bismarck
Julie von Bismarck

Julie von Bismarck

Julie von Bismarck is a German author, horse rider, and equine expert. Horses have been a big part of her life from when she was a few months old. She was fortunate to learn how to ride from her grandmother, who adhered to the old, disciplined, and wise principles of German riding and equestrianism. While treating horses all over the world as an equine osteopath and acupuncturist for over 20 years, she realized not only certain connections in the horse that had not been described at the time but also that she needed to raise awareness and educate riders rather than repairing what had been going wrong. She started writing books and articles about her experiences.
Besides being a renowed and popular voice for horses she is also involved in projects for the conservation of wildlife, nature, and forests. She lives in northern Germany and South Africa if she isn´t travelling around the world to give lectures and raise awareness.

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