The Mirroring of Life before Birth in the Seven-Year Periods of Human Life on Earth

The Mirroring of Life before Birth in the Seven-Year Periods of Human Life on Earth

Roland Schrapp

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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ISBN-13: 9783743124585

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.02.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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Between death and a new birth on earth, the human being lives through a long cosmic existence in the higher worlds. This is mirrored in the earthly life. Rudolf Steiner described its division into seven-year periods and the connection with the pre-birth existence in the planetary spheres. Apart from this, there is another division including higher spheres of the fixed stars. Rudolf Steiner only gave us a hint. In line whith this and based on his own experiences on the path of spirit discipleship, the author of this book gives examples how these different stages of life between death and rebirth can express themselves in the course of earthly life. He also explains in which of the seven-year periods the conditions for learning something about one's own previous incarnation are particularly favourable. In addition, he describes the connection of the later seven-year periods of earthly life with the Life Spirit (Budhi), as well as the preparation of mankind for receiving it by a development which Rudolf Steiner called the gradual "getting-younger" of mankind, and which started at the times of the primeval Semites in ancient Atlantis.

For everyone who follows or aspires to the path of spiritual discipleship or is interested in biography work, a highly recommended book.
Roland Schrapp

Roland Schrapp

Roland Schrapp, born 1957 (Germany)
Graduate administrative officer and alternative practitioner
Since 1981 study of Anthroposophy
2006 - 2012 course activity at the Anthroposophical Center in Kassel
Since 2020 author of books on Anthroposophy

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