The Key To Daily Serenity

The Key To Daily Serenity

Find Inner Balance Through Relaxation And Habits

Logan J. Davisson

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ISBN-13: 9783748139171

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Erscheinungsdatum: 11.12.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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"About the book" The Key To Daily Serenity: Find Inner Balance Through Relaxation And Habits

Lead a relaxed, calm and happy life with more serenity!

Do you sometimes feel lost in the fast pace of everyday life?

Do you react inappropriately to many things or do you fall regularly into a deep hole of exhaustion because your everyday life threatens to overtax you?

You are not alone, that's how many people feel. But you can learn to deal better with these difficult situations. The key to this is serenity.

Those who radiate calmness treat others with respect and affection. Also obstacles and challenges will be met with a new ease. A calm person does not give up so easily, because he has recognized that life consists of ups and downs.

With this book you have the opportunity to lead a serene life. The many practical tips will accompany you on your way to more serenity, peace and relaxation. So start leading the life you want now!

Learn how to use the power of serenity with this guide!
Logan J. Davisson

Logan J. Davisson

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