The Kalahari

The Kalahari

Adventure between desert and floodplain

Stefan Schreier, Hendrik van der Walt

Klassiker & Lyrik


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ISBN-13: 9783753499185

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Erscheinungsdatum: 24.08.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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A Part of the world in one book.

This book takes you on an exciting journey to southern Africa and describes the unique landscapes, flora and fauna of the Kalahari. Discover the small and large living artists in this different world between sand, salt and marsh. Meet with us the wild animals in their original environment. You are up close and personal in 200 colour images. Let yourself be carried away by the campfire into the world of myths and legends.

Get inspired for your next holiday destination.
The book is suitable for all ages; to read yourself or to read aloud for the youngest.
Stefan Schreier

Stefan Schreier

Stefan, born 1971 in Aachen, Germany.

He is an avid traveler and has been discovering lively southern Africa for 12 years.

Fascinated by nature in its diversity from small to large and its colors, his camera is his constant companion. Over the years he has learned a lot from and about the ecosystem in southern Africa. Likewise, many friendships arose during his travels with the people of the regions.

He initiated the book project "The Kalahari" during the 2020 pandemic and, together with his friend Hendrik, is taking the reader into the African bush.

Hendrik van der Walt

Hendrik van der Walt

Hendrik, born in Welkom in the province of Freestate in 1955, now lives in Johannesburg in South Africa.

The former journalist was drawn to the African bush in the late 1980s. He trained as a licensed nature and travel guide.

For over 30 years he has been leading interested visitors to the various regions of southern Africa with great passion. He amazes with his knowledge of the flora and fauna. He is particularly fond of ornithology and the trees.

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