The Healing Pendulum in the Matrix

The Healing Pendulum in the Matrix

My Way to simply Being

Anna Maria Winklehner

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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Erscheinungsdatum: 13.01.2020

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In our time there is a profound worldwide upheaval in all areas of life philosophy and consciousness, energetic healing methods and transformation work on the Soul Level.
Based on many years of experience and her deep perceptions the author has found a special and simple access to the Matrix, the highest Creator Energy of the All-embracing Being.
With her method she has created a simple and playful way to free oneself from difficult mental burdens.
This book was first published in German in 2014 and has found thousands of enthusiastic readers and users. The content of this translated edition remains unchanged.
It is a step-by-step guide for self-application to recognize and transform stressful emotions and their complex causes on the Soul Level and thus find a better quality of life.
This method can be used not only for humans, but also for animals, nature and in all areas of life.
The chosen type of pendulum is of secondary importance, as it is only used as an indicating instrument to make emotional changes visible.
Anna Maria Winklehner

Anna Maria Winklehner

Anna Maria Winklehner, born 1959, has been practicing Energetic Healing in Austria since 2003. In the course of her activity she created her own method of Spiritual Healing - The Healing Pendulum in the Matrix.
As a highly sensitive person she has gained deep life experiences. A hard childhood, experienced shame, inferiority, guilt, huge fears and panic attacks, decades of painful experiences due to migraine and years of childlessness, the following family life with three kids and later on the painful separation from her husband belong to her rich wealth of experience.
Nearly out of nothing she brought this method – The Healing Pendulum in the Matrix – into the world and thus provides people a practicable and easy way to find back one`s own strength, personal responsibility and love.
Since many years she is sharing her experience and knowledge in seminars, workshops and in her blog, but also offers individual sessions.
The title of the original first German Edition is – Heilpendeln in der Matrix - (M)ein Weg ins Einfach Sein, own published in 2014.

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