The global business guide for the successful use of coaching in organisations

The global business guide for the successful use of coaching in organisations

2013 Edition

Frank Bresser

Wirtschaft & Management


364 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783848253784

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2013

Sprache: Englisch

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This book provides you with 7 cutting-edge, yet well-proven management tools to use coaching successfully in enterprises and structure its implementation and optimization in organisations. It also contains 23 practical case studies from all over the world, written by managers/directors responsible for coaching in their firms.

Learning and Development (L&D), Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) directors and managers concerned with the implementation or improvement of coaching in their organisation, will find this guide an invaluable resource for their daily work in this area. Also CEOs, board members, directors, coaching providers, coaches and consultancies involved in coaching programmes will benefit from reading this book.

Readers’ comments:
'This is the best organizational coaching book I have ever read.'
The 'Global Business Guide' is 'brilliant' and 'more than justifying its title'.
'The book is excellent in terms of depth, width, clarity and book design.'

Author: Frank Bresser (Receiver of Global HR Excellence Award 2011)
Editor: Amanda Bouch
Available in book trade as paperback (colored cover; b/w) and/or ebook (colored)
Frank Bresser

Frank Bresser

Frank Bresser received for his work the Global HR Excellence Award 2011. Together with his team, he is helping companies design, implement and optimise tailor-made coaching programmes suited to their organisation-specific needs and generating business success.

He pioneered the development of systematic and strategic design, implementation and improvement of coaching programmes as a distinct discipline and is a regular keynote speaker on national and international conferences.

He holds an MBA with Distinction in International Management from the University of East London (dissertation topic: Implementation of coaching in business) and has (co-)written over 30 books and articles on coaching. Bresser Consulting also publishes the Global Coaching Survey, which examined the situation of business coaching across the globe in each continent, region and country (covering 162 countries).

German summary:
Frank Bresser ist globaler Business-Experte zur erfolgreichen Nutzung von Coaching in Unternehmen und erhielt für seine Arbeit den Global HR Excellence Award 2011. Mehr Informationen unter:


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