The gift of Abhyasa

The gift of Abhyasa

A personal encounter with the yogic trinity

Ansgar Schoeberl

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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The objective of this text is to inquire into our threefold persona of body, breath & mind, our potential qualities of stability, dynamic & stillness and our personal traits of sensation, emotion & thought. By developing a personal practice of Asana, Pranayama & Pratyahara within their metaphysical context of Abhyasa, Vairagya & Viveka, we may understand our personality as it is and access the yogic maxim of Nirodha – the right cessation of wrong identity.
Ansgar Schoeberl

Ansgar Schoeberl

Having spent his early years with school, social service and civil disobedience, Ansgar Schöberl born 1972 in Germany, realized the futility and weariness of political and social opposition. He moved on in 1993 to experience life through traveling and looking ›for‹ something instead of being ›against‹. He found the simplicity of traveling and love for nature.
Following the Rainbow-trail for the next years, he traveled, gathered and celebrated the love and truth of simple life in Europe and the near East. Eventually realizing that meaningful change cannot come from outside, he found himself overland in India early ‘96 and got soon attracted by yogic practices.
After twelve years of pilgrimage and retreat in yogic, buddhist & tantric centers with various teachers in India, Thailand & Sri Lanka, as well as one Kumbha-Mela-Sadhana-Cycle (1998-2010), he moved seasonal to the Swiss-alps to readapt and integrate the ways of the East and West: In natural inspiration and personal understanding lies practical freedom (›from‹ and ›for‹ the person); and in cultivating inner maturity to be free from outer authority, he found his old
values represented in a new, positive and creative way.

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