The complete seraphin messages: Volume 5

The complete seraphin messages: Volume 5

10 years of telepathic communication with an angel

Rosie Jackson

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Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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ISBN-13: 9783753444741

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.06.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Earth is an unprecedented emergency operation - an experimentation ground for the rehabilitation of humans. We are witnessing a struggle against a worldwide orchestration of minds, a battle between dark and light. The angel Seraphin examines the causes of the problems on our world, stipulating that the icy blast of truth will shatter our previous beliefs. Earth will become a place of peace and beauty if we recognise our Divine origin, live our personal missions and surrender to Divine Law.

In an extensive question and answer session, the angel Seraphin provides answers to over 90 questions posed by seekers of truth. These answers were received telepathically by artist and author, Rosie Jackson.

This fifth volume of The Complete Seraphin Messages also includes Seraphin Messages 431-450, the most recent to date. These offer help in desperate times, preparing us for transition to a better world which will be the inevitable result of our own spiritual progression. He states the following:

If you know 100 percent that you are walking in the right direction, and if you know 100 percent that you are benefitting humanity with every footstep and every breath, then you will be happy always.

Your actions, if they are guided by the DIVINE WITHIN, are the guiding lights which will rally society when it reaches its deepest collective trauma.

Samples of questions asked and answered:

Does love heal?
Can meditation help the abused?
How can I access divine wisdom?
Is euthanasia ever ethical or justifiable?
How can we leave our human failings behind?
Is it possible to overcome traumatic experiences?
How can violent prisoners change their behaviour?
What should we know about the nature of the human body?
What help can we expect from celestial observers of our planet?
Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson is an author, artist, composer and the founder of The Spiritual Revolution Project. This encompasses paintings, music, videos, books and seminars to develop self-awareness. Teaching spiritual principles to promote consciousness, her mu-sic and art are powerful catalysts of spiritual uplift. Her Unity Tarot illustrates the transformation of 100 global villagers in 2 large paintings and 100 written biographies.

Since 2010, Rosie Jackson has been receiving telepathic mes-sages and visions from the angel, Seraphin. These communica-tions urge us to protect our earth and show us how paradise on earth can be achieved. The messages are presently available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Korean.

Born in England, Rosie Jackson studied German and French and qualified as a teacher. She has worked as an instructor in China, and as a translator, designer and editor for publishing houses and companies in Europe. She now works freelance as an artist, author and spiritual advisor in Germany and Italy.

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