The colour blue in historic shipbuilding

The colour blue in historic shipbuilding

from antiquity to modern times

Joachim Müllerschön

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ISBN-13: 9783749419883

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Erscheinungsdatum: 27.02.2019

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The use of the colour blue in historical shipbuilding raises many questions. Which pigments and colours were available and how were they used? What was used in shipbuilding?

Join us on a fascinating journey back over 5,500 years from the discovery of the first blue pigments to modern times. A wealth of sources and pictorial materials round off the well-researched text.

Be surprised by the long history of the colour blue and its rôle in shipbuilding.
Joachim Müllerschön

Joachim Müllerschön

Joachim Müllerschön was born in 1961, studied computer science and lives near Stuttgart. From his earliest childhood he was fascinated by sailing ships. He is particularly interested in historical ships, sailing ships, their history and maritime history. In addition to extensive maritime literature, ship model building is just as much a part of this as sailing trips with family and friends.
As a member in associations and some renowned Internet forums to ship model construction and history, as well as by participation on appropriate meetings Joachim Müllerschön could develop extensive contacts to experts from different ranges. This has enabled the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge on many maritime topics.

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