The Ballad of the Yarmouth Six

The Ballad of the Yarmouth Six

Paul Werner

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Romane & Erzählungen


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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.01.2019

Sprache: Englisch

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Laura Forster´s doing it again. The third volume follows her, with some anticipation, to the Channel Islands, in the Bay of St. Malo. Here, she is busy unveiling a dark secret ultimately harking back to the German occupation during WW II. The focus of her investigations lies on the history of the legendary Yarmouth Six: a jolly band of six young expendables recruited from a notorious "juvie". Under the leadership of an inexperienced lieutenant straight from Sandhurst, they are to mount a "pinprick" commando raid on the heavily mined little island of Sark. A suicide mission, obviously, that soon runs into heavy waters and comes very close to a fubar end. One of the recruits drowns; others sustain gunshot wounds. When, finally, it´s each man for himself, the generalized confusion gives rise to a fair number of dreadful, shocking, but also rather hilarious episodes, laughter being deadlier than bullets.

Once the war is over, the six survivors, who had narrowly failed to become the terror of the Nazis, decide henceforth to take better care of Number One by founding a brotherhood of crime, which, in turn, is to become the terror of the British Isles. All of that is a lot of water under the bridge. Or is it? A long and bloody trail appears to be leading from the six graves to a mysterious present-day murder spree. When, in the course of his vendetta, the killer shoots a certain Solveig by way of collateral, he´s made a bad mistake. Young Solveig happened to be the first great love-affair of Laura Forster´s adoptive son, Ignace. And God knows, the Forster family is not in the habit of taking such things lying down...
Paul Werner

Paul Werner

Born 1945 in Altensteig, Northern Black Forest region, Paul Werner grew up in Wuppertal.
A Naval ensign set for a professional military career, he left the German Armed Forces in reaction to the 1967 assassination of Berlin student Benno Ohnesorg, whose murder had, in the opinion of quite a few Germans, been brushed under the carpet by both politics and the judiciary.
Having studied English and Russian philology in Wuerzburg and Bonn and obtained his degree in 1972, Paul Werner did not take up grammar-school teaching, however, but seized the opportunity of becoming a conference interpreter with the EU-Commission in Brussels, instead.
Studying law at the Open University in parallel to his working from eight "passive" languages into German and English, he did stints of varying duration in European capitals and cultures such as London, Copenhagen, Athens, Moscow, and Istanbul.
Married to a Dane, he visited Scandinavia and not least Norway on a regular basis both by boat, car, and aeroplane.
Having dabbled in the concoction of articles and essays both in German and English ever since his military and student days, Paul Werner, meanwhile a pensioner, has for more than a decade devoted himself almost exclusively to the writing of essays on "sea lore" and adventure novels with a criminal leaning.
A divorced dad of three adult daughters, Paul Werner today lives in Heidelberg, a pretty far cry from the sea.

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