The Art of Wicca Herbal Magic

The Art of Wicca Herbal Magic

The Beginner's Guide to Practicing Wiccan Herbal Magic

Magus Herbst

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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ISBN-13: 9783753464428

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.03.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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As one of the world's oldest religions, Wicca boasts of many traditions and rituals both obscure and main stream. Once a closeted faith, this ancient devotion has come out into the light, bringing with it a love of nature and peace, as well as magic. One of the premier and most well-known aspects of Wicca revolves around the use of candles and herbs.

In this book, both Candle magick and rituals or magicks performed with simple herbs are explored in depth. From history to use, supplies to timing, everything the beginner practitioner could need to know is found here.

Herbs have a long history with the craft. Used in everything from teas to oils, sachets to charms, there is a use for most herbs and a need for a variety in your Wiccan Kitchen. This book will guide your hand and your search as you learn the ins and outs of this most fundamental of magicks, discovering the wealth that can be found in the worship and the peace that comes with a properly performed, or used, ritual.
Magus Herbst

Magus Herbst

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