The Ambit of English/Arabic Translation

The Ambit of English/Arabic Translation

A Practical and Theoretical Guide for English/Arabic Translators

Ali Alhaj



124 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783954894352

Verlag: Anchor Academic Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.06.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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Libraries in the Arab world only have few books on translation that may instigate the thinking of students and even expert translators. A book of this kind may act as a guide to adopt a practical approach to translation in terms of problems and solutions. Therefore, the book carries out the important and crucial task to prepare and provide students, researchers and translators with a book which deals with the translation of many different kind of English and Arabic texts.
The layout of the material in this book is an outcome of the author’s interest in translation which originates from his time as a student at Sudan University of Science of Technology. His long experience as a teacher and a translator and recently as an assistant professor of English language and literature has enriched his thinking, sharpened his pen and provided him with chances to have further insight in the field of translation.
Teachers of translators can use this book for lessons on theory or translation applications. The practice texts provide vehicles for assignments and homework. The texts can be translated into English and vice versa and can be compared with the other versions then.
Last but not least, this book is a way into the fascinating world of linguistics and translation.
Ali Alhaj

Ali Alhaj

Ali Albashir Mohammed Al-Haj was born in Sudan/ Berber 12th of June 1966. Graduated from Yemen University (1995)(Sanaa,) and University of Khartoum(2000) and obtained Bachelor of Arts(English) Postgraduate diploma(English),.M.A in English from University of Khartoum(2000) English literature. And PhD in English literature (2003). PhD in translation, Omdurman Islamic University 2014) Ali is pursuing his 3rd phd in pure linguistics. Now Ali is working as associate professor at Jazan University/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ali has published 25 books and 20 Articles in national and international journals. Ali has translated 8 books,( The Art of Leadership by Dr. Gassem Alharabi , The Recruitment in Saudi Civil Service by Dr. Hamed Alshamery Jazan University At A Glance and The Light Track and Love( Arabic Metric Poetry) by Rahuf Almaubark). He published 36 books),. Ali is a member of Editing Board of Marco Institute Journals, International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature ISSN 2200-3592 (Print) , ISSN 2200-3452 (Online),scholrlink journals and he is also a supervisor of 4 PhD theses in English language.

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