The Afrofuturist Coloring Book Vol 4

The Afrofuturist Coloring Book Vol 4

The Black AstroMagic Edition

Ford Kelly

Science Fiction & Fantasy


64 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783758331619

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.03.2024

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Afrofuturism plays with the past, present and the future. Where time is fluid and open to endless possibilities. Like the queer and trans divine these spaces are magical and allow us to reconsider how our realities and identities are constructed. Afrofuturism allows adventures to come alive within Africa and the Diaspora. The Black AstroMagic infuses celestial themes and astrological symbolism, allowing for moments to re-imagine and reshape the future. It explores our connection to spirituality, mysticism, nature, technological reworkings and the gender dissidence.

The Black AstroMagic is a way of bringing the, Astrological, Spiritual , Imagined and Curated traditions of the African diaspora together. The Black AstroMagic has become more than a tool for survival but a mental or physical space where people in the African Diaspora can thrive. One where Black queer and trans people also have central roles. A future where Myths and legends are merged into new realms. Where Representation can be explored and reexamined.

The Afrofuturist Coloring Book - Volume Four, The Black AstroMagic Edition is the fourth Coloring book in the series. It features different Black AstroMagic motivational prompts as well as 25 illustrated drawings with images of Afro-Cyborgs, Mermaids, Centaurs, Warriors, Mystic Beings, Recycled-Techborgs and much more! Pick your medium of choice, whether crayons or coloring pencils and let the pages inspire you.

Coloring books are for all ages to enjoy!

Have fun!

Afrofuturist Themed Coloring book

- 25 Single sided Illustrations, ideal for framing your favorite ones!
- Various Afrofuturist inspired Black AstroMagic prompts, for daily use.
- An assortment of simple and intricate designs to accommodate most skill levels From Youth to Adults
- Suitable for children aged 6+
- Hours of Afrofuturist themed fun
Ford Kelly

Ford Kelly

Ford Kelly is a Black Queer Alien, Educator and Multidisciplinary Artist. Ranging from Music, Fashion design to Illustration. In the last decade they have self published work on Black and Queer themes. Their art is focused around Afrofuturism and Black Speculative fiction.

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