are Evidence Of Proof to grow your Freelance Teaching Business

Janine Bray-Mueller

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Methods For Collecting Testimonials from clients and students

Discover the secrets to securing the best testimonials from your clients and students to build a strong portfolio of testimonials and win a steady stream of new customers for your teaching business.

New customers don't want you to tell them how good you are. They want incontestable evidence from past students about their learning experience and achievements in your courses (with you as their teacher/instructor).

A teaching service needs written references from satisfied customers. They create a powerful third-party proof of your expertise and professionalism and can be used for student acquisition, marketing and selling your services as a teaching freelancer.

1. How and when to ask for testimonials

2. Strategies to prepare your referrers for the types of testimonials you need to create a powerful proof of your teaching expertise and professionalism.

3. Tips on how to ask for different methods of testimonials beyond purely written statements

Benefits of reading this book:

Use this book's easy-to-use ideas to provide evidence for future customers and students of third-party proof of your teaching expertise and professionalism. Learn how to build a strong portfolio of testimonials to grow your freelance teaching business successfully.
Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine Bray-Mueller, a freelance teacher with 30 years of teaching and marketing experience, has served on committees such as a two-term voluntary member of IATEFL's Marketing Committee, Editor of HELTA (Hamburg) and an Editor of ETM (English Teaching Magazine), which was popular in Germany for many years. In addition, she has given presentations at the TESOL France annual colloquiums and has also been published in several language teaching magazines.

Meanwhile, Janine has decided to share her marketing knowledge by writing a series of books giving practical advice to teaching freelancers. These books help colleagues in their teaching careers find students and earn enough to live from their work.

Website: https://braymueller.com

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