Templars on Trek

Templars on Trek

Otto Lohmüller

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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.08.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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The Knights Templar in this book do not wear armour, but Scout uniforms; they are fresh boys of the Panther and Seagull patrols on their Whitsun trip in the south of France. But with the same pride as those medieval warriors they wear the Knights Templar cross, along with the scout lily, as a symbol of their troop name. None of the boys would have dreamed that they would be drawn into a tremendous adventure through this.

Who is the mysterious Dark One?
Where did Torti go?
Are the riddles solved at the Cathar Castle?

This is not a fictitious story; it was really experienced, and is described to us in a gripping manner by Otto Lohmüller, the leader of the happy band, who also contributes the illustrations and expressive portraits as well as the painting and the design of the title.
Otto Lohmüller

Otto Lohmüller

Otto Lohmüller, artist, painter and the author of the book "Templars on Trek" (title in German: Tempelritter auf Fahrt), is born in 1943, retired, lives in Gengenbach in the Black Forest, Germany. He has with his wife Ute the two sons David (lives in Freiburg) and Adrian (lives in Berlin). He was working as a gravure retoucher and was, with body and soul, the leader of a group of young scouts.
He joined the Boy Scouts at the age of nine. But after completing his school years at the humanistic grammar school, he gradually withdrew from youth work in order to be able to pursue his football ambitions more intensely. He was a football player for a long time and also played in a band.
As a realistic painter, who signs himself Otolo. He has been exhibiting since 1976 and published several Art volumes at ZEUS-press e.K., Hansjakobstrasse 14, D-77723 Gengenbach. He had, and still has, exhibitions and participations in exhibitions at home and abroad and has been the 2nd board member of the artist group ARTist Gengenbach-Obernai e.V. for 18 years
Otolo illustrated song books and volumes of poetry and thus came into contact with the youth movement again after years of being away.
In addition, since 1989 Otolo has been the 2nd President of the COPSE (Comité pour la Promotion du Scoutisme en Europe) in Strasbourg, an interest group for the preservation of the scouting spirit according to Lord Robert Baden-Powell.
Otolo also wrote two follow-up books about the boy scouts Templars, "Der Junge und die Tempelritter" and "Tempelritter auf der Flucht". He inspires the boys with the ideals of scouting, teaches them the appropriate skills and a comprehensive range of songs, and goes on adventurous journeys with them. This results in trip reports, written by himself and illustrated by him in the usual manner as an artist. Such a trip report was used to create this genuinely-lived adventure book "Templars on Trek".

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