Teaching EFL Online

Teaching EFL Online

An e-moderator's report

Andrew R. Webster



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This work explores the role of the e-moderator, taking account of the skills required and the processes involved in creating and teaching an online English as a Foreign Language (EFL) course. It also details those theories which are applicable to online learning and how they are represented through various models, thus creating a framework to assist the e-moderation process.
In particular, Salmon’s five-stage model (2004) is analysed to assess its effectiveness in helping to prepare a new e-moderator to teach in an online environment. Qualitative self-study research is conducted involving an analysis of the e-moderator’s reflective journal. This method can be particularly insightful, uncovering the e-moderator’s beliefs, perceptions and challenges encountered throughout the process. Thus, in-depth data is collected and used in evaluating an approach to
e-moderation. It reveals how Salmon’s five-stage model and others can be considerably helpful, although not sufficient in themselves, for successful online teaching and learning. In this regard, a critical appraisal and detailed analysis of Salmon’s model relating to this research is conducted to assess the skills required to become a successful e-moderator.
This research reveals not only the complexities, problems, responsibilities and challenges encountered but also the tremendous rewards that can be reaped from the e-moderation process. Such research can encouragingly provide other practitioners with a valuable insight into the process and leads to recommendations for further research.
In conclusion, it is apparent that systematic frameworks such as Salmon’s five-stage model can be extremely useful for effective scaffolding but on their own they are not sufficient to produce a successful e-moderation process. It is suggested, therefore, that additional support and continual encouragement should be provided to motivate and engage students in both synchronous and asynchronous interactions. Moreover, consideration should be given to specific pedagogy and sociocultural factors when designing and implementing an online language course.
Andrew R. Webster

Andrew R. Webster

Andrew R. Webster holds a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Dundee and an MSc in TESOL from Edinburgh University.
Having worked in sectors as diverse as banking and social services before embarking on a career in teaching, Andrew has always been passionate about travelling to new, far-flung and exciting places and immersing himself in their varying cultures whilst learning about their history. In keeping with this, he has taught English to a variety of different learners in Japan and South Korea, where he is currently based, providing him with a wonderful opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to teach different levels of English to those with varying learning abilities. His ongoing thirst for knowledge provides him with the motivation to continually explore and discover new possibilities and new philosophical approaches.
He is especially keen to investigate new teaching methods and enjoys the continuing challenges associated with the teaching of English as a second language. In particular, this involves exploring the pedagogical potential of virtual worlds and Web 2.0 tools.

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