Strange Red Ground  (English Version)

Strange Red Ground (English Version)

Ronny Eckert

Science Fiction & Fantasy


400 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783740734039


Erscheinungsdatum: 12.02.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

14,99 €

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A British medical student fights for survival after an apocalypse unleashed by microbes from Mars and follows a radio message promising food and shelter for all. He fights his way through countries and continents where he encounters various dangers but also friends who accompany him to his destination.

In 2034, the first space company succeeds in bringing soil samples from Mars to Earth. Scientists start by extracting the rock samples and encounter microbes. Humanity celebrates this discovery until the world suddenly changes. Plants die and food becomes scarce. The wealthy retreat into biospheres and leave the rest of humanity to themselves. Jim, a medical student, and his family are trying to serve up the onset apocalypse in the house. But the riots and looting are increasing dramatically. So Jim is looking for a hiding place for himself and his family in the nearby forest to escape the pack. When he returns, all people have disappeared without a trace.
Ronny Eckert

Ronny Eckert

Ronny Eckert, b. 1981
I spent over a year and every free minute into this book.
Since I have always loved the realistic possibility of books and films, I have researched many details. The many countries and customs will inspire the readers.
Since I've traveled a lot, I can put myself well in different nationalities.
My book has many views, characters, as well as tension and emotion. Each chapter is different and attacks still into each other to a story that really makes the end to the gripping climax.

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