Stocks and Exchange

Stocks and Exchange

The only Book you need

Ladis Konecny

Wirtschaft & Management


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Erscheinungsdatum: 13.08.2021

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The book "Stocks and Exchange - the only Book you need" is intended for the general public from 11 to 85 years. Although the book is easily understandable, it describes in detail the parameters, which are ideal for safe and profitable investments in stocks or companies - whether short term or long term. When to sell or buy? This is technical and fundamental analysis at its finest. Which stocks can finance your pension with dividend payments? This book is the result of many years of practice and study of relevant literature. The book describes the strategies of the most famous investors and also my own experiences with stocks. Investment funds and pension insurance are discussed. The book contains a little information on business economics for investors and a lot of important information about the business on the stock exchange. The courses of three economic crises and crashes are investigated. The small lexicon explains 195 technical terms. There are some case studies about investors, companies and their stocks. Also described is the investment in gold, commodities and derivatives. Because the state expects ever more personal responsibility for your retirement arrangements, this book is also a very meaningful gift for your younger family members. Unfortunately there are only very few profound and above all honest books on shares thereby making this one all the more valuable.
Ladis Konecny

Ladis Konecny

El autor - Ladis Konecny nacio en marzo de 1954. En los anos setenta aprendio una profesion y estudio en varias escuelas. En 1990 comenzo a invertir en acciones. Desde 2003 administra la pagina web Gracias a esta pagina web, el autor ha sido conocido durante anos y cada dia la pagina esta hallada por Google, cuando alguien busca las acciones con potencial. Este bestseller de inversion ha sido publicado entre los anos 2011-2016 en cuatro idiomas, incluyendo el ingles y el aleman. Ahora el autor se puede llamar un escritor y un consultor financiero de hobby.

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