Stability you can eat?!

Stability you can eat?!

Building blocks für self-mangement in bipolar disorder

Annett Oehlschläger

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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What does mood have to do with food? Are you really what you eat? Are there certain foods that trigger mood swings or prevent them? This book provides answers, explains connections, and shows from the perspective of someone with bipolar what you can do yourself to become or remain mood stable. Do you know what the molecules of emotion are made of; why the nature of the cell membrane is important to bipolars; how the interaction of omega-3 and vitamin D affects behavior? If not, you should read this book. Stability also includes knowledge about the effect of exercise, biological rhythms, and sleep on mood and drive. This creates a picture for the reader of many building blocks that can help people with a disposition for mood swings to regain psychological balance and equilibrium. The book is written for people who want to do more for themselves than just passively follow the doctor's instructions and prescription pad; for people who want to take the reins of their treatment and their lives into their own hands again and for people who are willing to engage in something new and unfamiliar in order to do so. Therefore, the book is above all a compilation of how and what one can do oneself as a person affected. It is a book that encourages people to take a closer look at their eating habits and to focus much more on them.
Annett Oehlschläger

Annett Oehlschläger

The author became ill with "Bipolar Disorder" at the age of 47 and had to deal with the illness for seven years only. Despite lengthy treatment and therapy, she did not achieve stability. Only when she changed her diet did she become symptom-free and remains so to this day. The author would like to share her knowledge and experience with other sufferers. You can get more information on the website

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