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ISBN-13: 9783946224013

Verlag: Spandaloka Ltd

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.08.2016

Sprache: Englisch

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Shankara's Spandaloka Book reveals and offers the Process, which is necessary for Transcendental Spiritual Realization And Liberation.
The Transcendental Spiritual Realization And Liberation Process, as It Is Implied and Meant in this Book, should not be confused with some kind of therapy or education for achieving or fulfilling something that can only be achieved and fulfilled by a right and balanced life according to the Laws Of Reality and the healthy possibilities of the respective culture.
Of course It can also have and has many therapeutical-healing or educational-instructive beneficial effects for a right and balanced life, yet this is not Its Primary Field Of Operating Manifestation and Transfiguration.
It works best and is more suitable for all who cannot help but step forward; towards The Truth Of Their Nature. In this case, it is of great advantage to be grounded in the conscious responsibility necessary for a right and balanced life, whether totally or at least partially, but surely on the way.
What is the nature and the anatomy of The Transcendental Spiritual Realization and Liberation Process? In Its Essence It Is The Conscious Process that allows Existing, Living and Being as an Expression Of The Transcendental and Radiant Reality Itself.
Spirituality can be defined in different ways. Therefore the terms or notions ‚spirituality‘ and ‚spiritual‘ do not always refer to the same.
The term ‚spiritual‘ is used by Shankara in the Sense of Spirit as Kundalini Mahashakti, Which Is The Vibrant Force, Field Or Space As Main and First Agent Of Radiant Paramrita Spanda, Which Is The First And Transcendentally Free And Everything Else Generating and Containing Reality.
This Book Is A Description Of The Transcendental Spiritual Realization and Liberation Process And An Invitation For Everyone Who Is Inevitably And Truly Interested In Its Transformational Force And Nature.

From the foreword by John Mann:
„There are many ways for the reader to approach this book: as a Scholar, a Philosopher, a Linguist, a Theologian, a Spiritual Practitioner or simply as a human being.
There are also many ways of describing the book itself: As a Non-Dualistic Vedantically-oriented text to be viewed within that ancient Hindu tradition; as a carefully worded description of the inherent dilemma of the human condition; as an original prescription for the resolution of that condition.“


Shankara is a Spiritual Teacher, Adept, Guide, Friend or Agent, who has undergone The Transcendental Spiritual Realization And Liberation Process.
After his Spiritual search was consciously activated in His teenage years, Shankara’s Transcendental Spiritual Realization And Liberation Process Came Into Its Final Phase when He was 35 years old and Completed Itself one year later.
For the next 9 years Life and Existence Unfolded Through, In and As Radiant Reality Itself without the impulse to pursue any Spiritual Activity whatsoever.
Yet, in the last 4 years Shankara couldn’t anymore resist the Impulse to Open and Reveal His Spiritual Reality to everybody seriously interested and touched by The Transmission Of Its Radiance. The Beginning Of His Spiritual Work Or Function Was Thus Initiated.

Dr. John Mann, who wrote the foreword for Shankara’s Spandaloka Book, was a lifelong student of Rudi, or Swami Rudrananda (Albert Rudolph), a well-known art dealer and spiritual teacher.
A social psychologist by training, Dr. Mann taught for many years at New York University and SUNY Geneseo, and is the author of more than fifteen books, including Before the Sun: Meeting Rudi, Sigmund Freud: Doctor of Secrets and Dreams, and Frontiers of Psychology.

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