Soulmate Guidebook (Twin Soul, Twin Flame, Dual Soul, Karmic Partner)

Soulmate Guidebook (Twin Soul, Twin Flame, Dual Soul, Karmic Partner)

The greatest test of your life

Gabriele Hannemann

Selbsthilfe & Recht


36 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783752834420

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.02.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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It is not by chance that you`ve discovered this little book, but rather due to your soul which has led you to this point in life. Do you happen to be searching for answers because you`ve met someone who is making you feel miserable? Sounds like you`ve encountered a soulmate. Do you feel as if you could relate to the following questions or do you happen to find yourself in them?

- "Why is he/she always withdrawing from me?"
- "Why does he/she act contrarily to what he/she is saying to me?"
- "Why does he/she get involved with another person, and not with me?"
- "Why do I suffer so much when he/she withdraws from me?"
- "Why do such incredible things happen, which cannot be a matter of chance?""
- "Why do others think I`m crazy if I tell them about this connection?"

If you seem to answer most of these questions with a "yes," then you`re most certainly experiencing a soul connection. This connection is not an accidental one, on the contrary, it`s meant to encourage your further development and to help you master various learning tasks in order to be able to finally reach your goal.

This guidebook could answer many of your questions and sequently, help you deal with this connection more easily. The Soulmate Guidebook is an abridged version and a reading sample of the books "The Truth About Soulmates (Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Dual Souls, Karmic Partners)" by Gabriele Hannemann.
Gabriele Hannemann

Gabriele Hannemann

Since the age of 13, Gabriele Hannemann has been dealing with spirituality. With the knowledge she has gained over the years as a spiritual life coach, she supports many people in finding their own personal soul path again.

The focus of her work is in the comprehensive area of "soul connections." Based on her own experience, she has studied the typical characteristics that mark the relationships between karmic partners, soul mates, twin souls and twin flames. Furthermore, her consultations have supplied a wealth of growing knowledge that also provided clear external confirmation on the topic.

To make the challenging situations of soul connections more easily bearable for those affected by them, Gabriele Hannemann published her first soul mate guide on the Internet a few years ago. The gratitude of many people that subsequently literally poured in prompted her to continue communicating her knowledge in detail in her book entitled "The Truth About Soul Mates (Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Dual Souls, Karmic Partners)." You can find a wealth of information and reports on the topic of soul connections on her Website:

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