SO HAM - The Secret of the Blisslady

SO HAM - The Secret of the Blisslady

A Novel based on an old legend from Lake Weissensee in the Austrian Alps

Regine Brandner

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ISBN-13: 9783757841713

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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.07.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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What does a legend from the Alps have to do with one of the oldest Sanskrit mantras from the Himalayas or the Hopi´s wisdom from America?
Nothing and yet everything!
SO HAM - from Sanskrit language meaning: I AM
SO HAM - from local dialect in the Austrian Alps SO HOME
Bliss - in times marked by fear, crisis and wars, is this possible?
Lovebelle, the Blisslady from Lake Weissensee in the Austrian Alps shows us. She is not an enraptured fairy creature, as depicted in some legends, but a woman of flesh and blood who lived in the Upper Carinthian mountains during the years of clandestine Protestantism around 1775. She experiences the abysses of human cruelty, abuse and torture.
Nevertheless, she has a secret related to an eagle which helps her to develop an extraordinary mastery of crisis and trauma, as well as a status of mind enhanced by an inner music and an enthusiastic childlike sense of imagination and creativity. Facing new challenges in present days, maybe the Blisslady of Lake Weissensee can not only comfort, but also encourage, inspire or even heal us.
A novel based on an old legend from the Carinthian mountains,
with download of original music in local dialect:
The Songs of the Blisslady
Recommended age rating: 16 years
Regine Brandner

Regine Brandner

Regine Brandner was born in Villach and grew up in the valley of River Drau and on Lake Weissensee in Austria. She completed her studies in German and French Literature at the University of
Vienna and at the Sorbonne in Paris.
She also studied Acting Art at the Conservatory of Vienna, ancient Indian Sanskrit theatre
Kutiyattam, yoga and meditation in India as well as creative transformation & trauma integration, trance and hypnosis coaching in Hamburg.
In 2011 she was named »Teacher of the Year« by the Austrian Ministry of Education with an intercultural & cross-school youth theatre production »Buried - or who is Ellen?«, an
adaptation of Ilse Aichinger's state-winning novel The Greater Hope.
In 2006, she accidentally discovered the hidden »Dolmetzenloch«, a legendary cave of theso-called »Saligen«, the Blisslady of Lake Weissensee in Carinthia. From that moment on, the story and songs of a woman who lived in this cave, secluded, but only seemingly alone, were revealed to the author.
A story more relevant than ever.
A woman full of wisdom and hope.
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Music Download:
Password for the download of the songs:
Youtube: Regine Brandner / SO HAM Podcast
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