Simple Thoughts to Ponder on

Simple Thoughts to Ponder on

The Adult Story Book

Fortunet L. Wilson

Gesellschaft, Politik & Medien


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Offering an amazing variety of themes, taken from life and society itself, Fortunet L. Wilson leads the reader through episodes, thoughts, facts, like a roller coaster ride - not in the intension of creating drama, but to make the reader question things to wake him or her up, make him or her aware of all what is going on, to make him or her dare to try new paths, dare to stand up, say no or yes, but at least with some better knowledge. This book jumps straight into taboos and provocative statements, it contents some slaps into faces of both, male and female, but behind all is the love for life, the respect for men, women, our children, equality of genders and all human beings and the will to create a better future for our kids.

The author’s message is clear: “You have the power to change the world. You should stop sitting by and just letting it all crumble from beneath your feet.” His chapters may contain plenty of thoughts which may upset or even shock a reader, but to end with Mr. Wilson’s words:

“Get mad, get happy, but most of all get smart.”
Fortunet L. Wilson

Fortunet L. Wilson

A well reserved gentleman, Fortunet L. Wilson could be compared to the calm before the storm. He loves to pursue knowledge no matter how insignificant it may be. He respects the thoughts and values of all but he love to find hidden potentials in all individuals around him. He has always be an optimist even under the worst of conditions. Known for always saying “Too Easy” you have to know him to understand when he says the phrase. Always smiling he does his best to greet all who pass him in the street. You can always discuss any issue that comes to mind and he usually gives you more than one view to choose from when you are through. When you meet him, get to know him but be ready for true candidness if you have this opportunity. Don’t be offended by his view because he knows we all have one and it should be respected and if you disagree it will not affect him; he will always welcome you to engage in more dialogue.

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