SIETAR Europa Intercultural Training Tool Kit

SIETAR Europa Intercultural Training Tool Kit

Activities for Developing Intercultural Competence for Virtual and Face-to-face Teams

Elisabeth Hansen, Ann-Kristin Torkler, Barbara Covarrubias Venegas , SIETAR Europa 2018 (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783749410767

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Erscheinungsdatum: 12.04.2019

Sprache: Englisch

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At SIETAR we want to encourage the development and application of knowledge, values and skills which enable effective intercultural relations at individual, group, organisation and community levels. Inspired by many discussions in the SIETAR network, the idea of publishing a collection of SIETAR intercultural training tools came to light. Many large intercultural organizations include a collection of articles, activities, and materials, and our intention was to create a consolidated resource of SIETAR members´ favourite and most effective tools and methodologies.

We proudly present the second edition of the SIETAR Europa Intercultural book series: SIETAR Europa Intercultural Training Tools.

We learn best from what we teach! Every moment in a training setting is an opportunity for everyone in the room to reflect on and develop their own intercultural competencies. How we learn about navigating culture is shaped by our professions, travels, and personal interests. With this publication we want to support your learning environment by publishing selected go-to training activities from SIETARians for virtual or face-to-face teams that integrate modern technologies and emerging practice styles with materials and instructions.

The book includes 29 activities divided into three sections:

- Opening and Warm-up Activities
- Feedback & Debriefing Activities
- Teambuilding Activities
Elisabeth Hansen

Elisabeth Hansen

Elisabeth Hansen became a part of SIETAR Europa after attending the Dublin 2017 congress; she then joined the Communication & PR Committee of SIETAR Europa and participated in the Young SIETAR mentor program.

She now lives in Sydney, Australia, and continues to stay involved with SIETAR while also volunteering for AFS Australia and working for a study abroad provider. Her favorite part of volunteering is facilitating orientations for incoming students and helping to guide them through their first experiences abroad.

Ann-Kristin Torkler

Ann-Kristin Torkler

Ann-Kristin Torkler is member of the Communication & PR Committee of SIETAR Europa and has been involved in the organization of the SIETAR Europa Congresses in Valencia 2015 and Dublin 2017.

She is a passionate traveller and has lived on three continents to study, work and volunteer. The most fascinating intercultural experience she had was when she was teaching English in an elementary school in the Andes of Ecuador.

Understanding cultural differences and working on enhancing intercultural communication is a constant subject of her studies and work.

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas is a researcher & lecturer based in Vienna/Austria and was president of SIETAR Austria for more than 8 years and SEU Board member for many years. Barbara´s research interest include topics such as age diversity, life-phase orientation and new working environments (in particular agile structures, leadership, global virtual teams). Barbara teaches at various universities in Austria and abroad (Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Spain, Azerbaijan, etc) and often delivers speeches, keynotes and workshops for practitioners and different organizations. As a cross cultural trainer & consultant she works for all leading organisations, such as Dean Foster, BGRS, CAI and Global LT.

SIETAR  Europa 2018

SIETAR Europa 2018 (Hrsg.)

SIETAR Europa forms part of the SIETAR Global Connect Network and works to:

- contribute to more effective communication among people of
different cultures and backgrounds
- enhance intercultural awareness in policy-making, business, education and civil society
- establish an ever-widening network of intercultural specialists
- provide multi-disciplinary, professional expertise
- contribute to the development of professional standards
- encourage publication and promote research
- provide opportunities for personal and professional exchanges
- hold regional, national and international conferences

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