Seals of Solomon

Seals of Solomon

Volume I: Mary-Magdalene

Patrizia Pfister

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Romane & Erzählungen


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ISBN-13: 9783943348262

Verlag: Irantia-Lichtakademie

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.06.2022

Sprache: Englisch

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Miria, an antique dealer from Nuremberg, after returning from a trip to Israel, wakes up every morning from a nightmare that ends with the death of Jesus on the cross. She feels all the pain and suffering that happened to him. Because she can only ever remember the crucifixion scene, but not what happened before it, and because the permanent emotional stress associated with it affects her life, she seeks professional help, and this sets in motion a chain of events that drives her ceaselessly toward an unknown goal. The path to that goal takes her all the way to the Vatican but also into the memories of a young woman named Miriam, who lived in Christ's time and will later be called Mary Magdalene.
Patrizia Pfister

Patrizia Pfister

Patrizia Alexandra Pfister, born 12th March 1962 in Hammelburg, Germany, worked in business management after studying business administration. Since her youth she has been interested in what life is about and the mystery of humanity. She has become a self-taught expert in many different scientific fields. Her goal is to explain the world in a way that unites religion, spirituality and science.
Over the last few years she has published several non-fiction books. This is the first book in which she combines her spiritual knowledge with a thrilling story. In an attempt to shape the reader's perspective of what life is about, it will expand their view of the world. Her motto is: The more people know and understand, the better they are able to create their world.

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