Save the climate, improve your well-being with Cannabis

Save the climate, improve your well-being with Cannabis

Wolfgang Weck

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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In just a few decades, humans have managed
to change the global climate significantly,
use up existing resources and trigger species extinction
on an unprecedented scale.
The average age of people rises
continuously, but at the same time the
quality of life decreases. The urgently
needed solutions to both problems should on
the one hand not endanger our standard of
living and enable other people to improve
their situation. Earth and Man have a self-
healing program and the solutions proposed
here can help both by activating this
Cannabis sativa is the oldest and most
versatile plant we know. It has accompanied
people for millennia, today it has largely
disappeared from the surface of the earth, it is time to
rebuild it and give it the space it
deserves. Worldwide cultivation will only
bring benefits.
In more than 30 years as an organic farmer,
the author has learned to see and understand
the relationships in nature. He was able to
deepen and expand his extensive knowledge on
trips and courses all over the world.
With clear words, he encourages us to act
without fear while we still have time.
Nature and our descendants will be thankful
for it.
Wolfgang Weck

Wolfgang Weck

Researching the unknown, solving enigmas, putting puzzles and thinking outside the box have always been my driving forces. It was correspondingly difficult to find the right job after school and university. I quickly realized that a job from 9 to 5 was not my thing.
Inspired by the ideals of the 1968 movement, only agriculture was possible. Living independently also means being self responsible. And in my opinion, raising a family and grown your own food was and remains the best way a person can take.
Working towards this goal, I was able to buy a small farm in the west of Ireland in the year of George Orwell (1984). And there I turned my dream into reality. The first thing you learn is that what you imagine is actually not or only partially feasible. It is like having a counterpart in nature , not only a teacher. And nature is stronger.
As I found out over time, the area were I lived was classified as severely disadvantaged by the EU, and they were right. That is probably the reason why the local population became obsolete and died out. If you want to make money, you have to go to the city.
Nature is a hard teacher, but if you persevere you learn a lot and you are prepared for all future eventualities. Nothing can surprise you anymore because you have already experienced everything.
I came to Ayurveda through the cultivation and use of herbs. The deep knowledge of this teaching finally led me to train as a therapist. I successfully completed this in 2016 in a renowned institute in Kattampally, Kerala in India.
I came across cannabis through a television documentary about old people's homes in Israel. Its amazing properties are used and researched there. I had read about hemp in the 80s and Jack Herer's classic: Hemp and the Marijuana conspiracy was still in my bookcase.
After reading it again and following months of research, I was able to see the missing part in our climate crisis and health problems. Everything led me to a course in Chile where cannabis for personal use is allowed. I learned everything about the cultivation, processing and use of this unique plant and the medicines derived from it.
I want to share this knowledge with the world in the hope that it will fall on fertile ground.

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