Samurai Swords for the Material Battle

Samurai Swords for the Material Battle

Gendaito of the Taisho and Early Showa Period (1912 - 1945)

Otto Maxein

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ISBN-13: 9783753471419

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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With the advent of World War I, infantry rapiers or cavalry sabers had practically become obsolete on the European battlefields due to the introduction of machine weapons and tanks. At the same time, in Japan, the samurai sword experienced an impressive renaissance due to the growing demand of Japanese officers for traditionally forged swords.

Samurai Swords for the Material Battle tells the story of the last Samurai Swords forged for battle and answers the question of why Japan's soldiers entrusted their fate to these swords in the inferno of material battles. Impressive visual documents tell of the events of that time and allow the viewer to imagine the hell through which the soldiers of all warring parties went.

Using the example of the works of contemporary swordsmiths, the author not only proves the art status of these swords. He also examines the question of whether only swords from Tamahagane can be genuine Nihonto. Purists will be shocked by the estimation of a leading contemporary swordsmith who recommended that the Japanese War Ministry supply all swordsmiths with Manchurian steel. Likewise, the estimation of Japanese swordsmen who fought to the death with their swords is likely to turn many Budo devotees' idea of the ideal fighting sword on its head.

Based on the personal fates of Japanese soldiers, the author evokes the spirit of the last samurai. The reader can understand how the Japanese sword myth and the samurai's code of honor shaped the Japanese society up to the time of the Second World War and had a decisive influence on their actions.

By not looking at the swords in isolation, but placing them in the focus of contemporary historical events, this book differs from many reference books in this genre and complements the existing literature in a unique way. Competently and carefully researched, it is for the connoisseur of the subject as well as for beginners or readers interested in contemporary history a real treasure trove and exciting reading to the end.
Otto Maxein

Otto Maxein

Born in 1948, the author has been studying Japanese swords and their history for more than 35 years. The study of swords, the swordsmiths who created them, and the schools of swordsmithing that influenced the styles of Japanese swords for centuries also led to the study of the culture and history of Japan up to the Taisho and early Showa periods.

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