Is our affluent society at the end?

Friedrich Leiminer

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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Is our affluent society at an end?

What is needed for a functioning community? What keeps them together, what makes communities fail? What about our goals? How do we resolve conflicts? What guidance and leadership do we have and what roles are lived out? In which society do we want to live together? How can we maximize individual and societal well-being? Is prosperity for all an illusion?
In any case, we have crossed borders that we as human beings simply do not have the right to cross! We still have the chance to reorient ourselves, to organize, to protest, to plan and to shape. We can still prepare the birth of a new society in the womb of the old. The central question will be how we can shape the great transformation that we will be facing in the coming decades as well, efficiently, sustainably and wisely as possible. This book is intended to provide a basis for discussion.
Friedrich Leiminer

Friedrich Leiminer

I was born on July 13, 1948 in Pettenreuth in the Upper Palatinate as the son of a teacher couple. I attended elementary school there and then the Albrecht Altdorfer High School in Regensburg. Afterwards, I took up the study of pharmacy and successfully completed it in 1972 in Würzburg with the license to practice pharmacy. After 1 year of professional training in Bonn, I switched to self-employment in 1973 and opened the Borromäus Pharmacy in 84508 Burgkirchen an der Alz in Upper Bavaria, where I worked successfully as an independent pharmacist for many years until December 31, 2012. People's health was always the focus of my commitment. I profitably applied my knowledge from the fascinating world of spagyric and as a specialist pharmacist for micronutrients by producing many of my own products.

In the following years, as a young father, I was able to rejoice in the birth of Ruth and Roman, who in turn gave birth to two children each. The adoption of son Lukas in 1995 was a matter of the heart for me.

On January 1, 2013, I separated from my pharmacy and entered into "unretirement". I made sure to keep physically fit with sports activities and alternative healing methods and to stay mentally active with my enjoyment of music, painting and writing. Because of my desire for new challenges, I made a foray into politics and applied to be a direct candidate for the Bundestag. Again and again new spaces opened up and I was allowed to experience great new insights, especially when writing my books.

It is a matter of concern to me to be allowed to support people on their way of becoming aware and the upcoming transformation and to awaken their thoughtfulness about the small and big connections in which we are all inserted.

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