Random Leaves from my Diary

Random Leaves from my Diary

Bernard Nsokika Fonlon's Personal Diary

Bernard Nsokika Fonlon , Edward Dzerinyuy Bello (Hrsg.)

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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Bernard Nsokika Fonlon - Random Leaves from my Diary gives you a deeper knowledge of Bernard Nsokika Fonlon true integrity. It is my opinion, feeling and desire, to best understand a person integrity is to understand his personal diary as it talks more about the person himself. It took me more than seven years to gather the collections of his diary. I am positive his diary will rekindle the fire in our hearts to know him better.
Bernard Nsokika Fonlon

Bernard Nsokika Fonlon


Bernard was born on 19 November 1924 at Kumbo Nso in Cameroon.[2]He began his elementary education at Catholic School and Later proceeded to Christ The King College Onitsha, Anambra in 1940 . He further went to Bigard Memorial Seminary in Anambra State, where he studied Philosophy and Theology. He then travelled to Dublin for his Master's in Literature at the University of Ireland Dublin in 1954. He obtained his PhD in Literature at Sorbonne University Paris in 1961[1]
Bernard started his career as an Assistant Classroom teacher in 1940 - 1941. He Been a committed reunificationist, he returned home for his political contribution with an appointment as charge de mission to former Cameroonian President Ahidjo, he was also given an appointment of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1964, Minister of Transportation, Post & Telecommunications in 1968. In 1972 Fonlon became a Professor of Literature and Head of Department at the University of Younde, Cameroon. Fonlon being an Educationist , wrote series of books such as (1) A case of early Bilingualism (1963), (2) Will we make or mar (1964), (3) To every son of Yusuf Amuda Gobir Nso (1965), (4) Under the sign of the rising sun (1965), (5) The task of the day (1966).[1]

Edward Dzerinyuy Bello

Edward Dzerinyuy Bello (Hrsg.)

Edward Dzerinyuy Bello, was born in Nkar Village, Nso tribe of Cameroon. He lives in Potsdam City, Germany. Educated in Cameroon and Germany. Holder of Diploma in 'Systemiches' Coaching - Certified Diploma Mediator, M.A (Project Management) from Institute für Managementberatung (IFM) Berlin. In 2020 he was voted to St Peter and Paul Catholic Church Potsdam parish council president post by the Christians community of his parish, and he serves as one of the board members of the Parish council. The archbishop of Berlin decreed him in 2019 to assist in Holy Communion services for St Peter and Paul Catholic Parish of Potsdam. He is a listener listener of classical music, enjoy walking and jogging during his free time. www.edwarddbello.de

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