Raising children with the virtues

Raising children with the virtues

Bring out the best in your child and yourself

Annelies Wiersma

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


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Verlag: ACT on Virtues

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You get a child and all of a sudden you are a parent. But how do you bring it up? Annelies Wiersma discovered teh books from Linda Kavelin Popov with the 52 inspiring virtues such as courage, enthusiasm and responsibility. She became a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and gives courses based on Popovs five strategies for character education. In this cheerful book with its comic-strip drawings she brings the theory to life with examples from her courses and tells us in a touching, funny and intimate way about the practice she knows best: raising her own son.

Linda Kavelin Popov, Virtues Project Founder:

Annelies Wiersmas humorous, helpful and honest insights about applying Virtues Strategies as a parent, offer a welcome companion to The Family Virtues Guide.
Annelies Wiersma

Annelies Wiersma

Annelies Wiersma was one of the founding members of the Virtues Project in the Netherlands. She laid her hands on The Family Virtues Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov in 2001. She became immediately enthusiastic about the virtues approach, did a Facilitator Training with Margeret Mohamed and Sue Ferguson at Geneva and introduced the virtues approach in her family and in her work as a communication trainer.

Annelies supported the Dutch publications of the Family Virtues Guide and The Virtues Educators Guide. She owns her own business ACT on Virtues and has been giving advice, coaching and training on virtues since 2002, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Next to practical experience as a communication trainer, Annelies writes and publicizes regularly about the Virtues Project, for instance in Dutch magazines.

ACT on Virtues also translated and published A Pace of Grace, Graceful Endings and the Virtues Reflection Cards Linda Kavelin Popov and The Adventures of Mali and Keela from Jonathan Collins. Besides that, she publishes her own virtues books and virtues cards, and new practises in the Netherlands, for example Virtues Yoga with Patty Jongemaets and Colouring with virtues with Marja vant Wel.

Linda Kavelin Popov has given Annelies the honorary title Master Facilitator for her work with the virtues. As Master Facilitator Annelies provides training and mentoring to new facilitators who want to work with groups with the Virtues Project.

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