Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra – Yogic Power through Samadhi & Sidhis

Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra – Yogic Power through Samadhi & Sidhis

Translated from Sanskrit in the Light of Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology and Commented along with Experience Reports

Jan Müller

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ISBN-13: 9783988370044

Verlag: Alfa-Veda Verlag

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.07.2024

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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In the Yoga Sutra, the classical work on yoga, Patañjali summarizes the purpose of human existence in 195 concise sutras. They are intended as a curriculum and memory aid for the expert and can be recited in 25 minutes. His telegraphic style and the ambiguity of the Sanskrit terms lead to the fact that the Yoga Sutra is translated again and again anew and interpreted differently due to the personal experiences of the authors. In the translation of this issue, the keyword character of the sutras is retained and the explanatory commentary is illustrated by examples of the author’s own experiences from over 50 years of practical application of yoga techniques.
"The purpose of every system of Yoga is to first get Samadhi and then stabilize it and let it find fulfilment in Unity. Yoga means union. When the mind gets united with Being, this is the state of Yoga. Union is union of the individuality with the cosmic unboundedness. Union is in Samadhi. And Dhyan (meditation) leads to Samadhi. Dhyan is that which takes the mind from the field of gross experience to the subtle experience, takes it to the quietude of the transcendental area. Dhyan or meditation is a direct way to Samadhi which is Yoga." – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Jan Müller

Jan Müller

Jan Müller has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1967 and the TM-Sidhi program since 1977. Since 1982 he has been a member of Maharishi’s Purusha Group which is dedicated full time to the development of higher states of consciousness under the personal guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who trained him as a meditation teacher in 1972.

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