We are now in a different world

Martin Recke , Matthias Schrader (Hrsg.), Volker Martens (Hrsg.)

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Wirtschaft & Management


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ISBN-13: 9783948580636

Verlag: Next Factory Ottensen

Erscheinungsdatum: 05.07.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Parallelwelten (parallel worlds) are worlds invisible to anyone not part of them. More and more, our reality is defined through digital products, which afford us infinitely more freedom than in the analogue past. But increased choice has also heightened our susceptibility to manipulation. Filter bubbles, fake news and alternative facts are just data that can be easily and cheaply manipulated. We now live in multiple realities that are increasingly losing touch with each other. Reality has been turned into bits. Or is it the other way around? The digital world increasingly defines, controls and governs the analogue world. Tech companies buy and sell the raw data of human experience. Our human behaviour is turned into data, which is processed into information and then manipulated and fed back into our information diet to control our behaviour. Data is the raw material, and information - not content - is king. Information even defines reality. This book investigates these parallel worlds from different angles: technological, corporate, scientific, cultural, economic and political. It doesn't view tech as an end in itself and something the rest of the world simply must adapt to. Instead, it asks how tech can solve real problems and make the world not a worse place, but a better one.
Martin Recke

Martin Recke

Martin Recke is Corporate Editor at SinnerSchrader, now part of Accenture Interactive. He has published such books as Transformational Products (by Matthias Schrader) and The Product Field Reference Guide. In 2006, he co-founded NEXT and was Head of Conference Management until 2016. Martin has worked at SinnerSchrader since 2001 and was Head of Corporate Communications until 2010. He is also a political scientist, a blogger, and has a background in journalism.

Matthias Schrader

Matthias Schrader (Hrsg.)

Matthias Schrader is one of Europe's digital pioneers. He founded digital marketing and advertising agency SinnerSchrader in the mid-90s and began to develop e-commerce solutions for startups like Intershop, Ricardo and, enabling them to go public earlier than expected. In 1999, SinnerSchrader issued a public offering of its own and was one of only a handful of fledgling companies that survived the so-called "new economy" and actually emerged strengthened by the experience. In 2006, Schrader founded the NEXT Conference which has become the leading symposium for digital transformation in Europe. Today, the author, with his team of more than 500 consultants, designers and software engineers, continues to assist many large DAX index companies to develop cutting-edge digital products. In February 2017, the worldwide management and technology consultancy Accenture announced it was taking a controlling interest in SinnerSchrader for a nine-figure sum.

Volker Martens

Volker Martens (Hrsg.)

Volker is a tech enthusiast and an avid networker across the digital business industry in Germany. He is co-founder and CEO of FAKTOR 3 along with Sabine Richter and Stefan Schraps. Since the three partners founded F3 in 1995, the agency is busy bringing the digital idea forward, starting with the rollout of AOL in Germany back then, and shaping the digital communication transformation of companies across various industries today. F3's headway towards digitalization also includes its approach of "Content Relations", a virtuous cycle of storytelling and content distribution backed by genuine, sustainable relations. Today, FAKTOR 3 with its subsidiaries F3 Live, F3 Design and F3 Consulting is one of Germanys top 10 communications agencies and "Agency of the Year 2017" as awarded by The Holmes Report. The agency employs more than 200 communication consultants, industry experts and content creatives. Current clients include Samsung, Adobe, Microsoft, Twitter, Beiersdorf, Porsche, REWE, Velux, STIHL and many more.

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