Marcus Boéll

Film, Kunst & Kultur


96 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783757878993

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.11.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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The german photographer Marcus Boéll shows
his photography in his first photo book ONE.
It is characterized by dynamism, authenticity,
expressiveness and a classic sexiness that he
always makes look very classy and stylish.
Marcus Boéll

Marcus Boéll

I want to capture just a moment. But, i want pictures to tell stories, real emotions to be visible. And what is very important for me that the nature of the human comes to the appearance. And i combineeverything with my style. That means lots of dynamics,
Femininity and a pinch of sexyness. Because that s that works of art are created for me.
We all carry our facades and ay our role. We all have roles like spouse, daughter, son, friend,
Mother, father, employee buyer etc etc. These are all the roles we take in life. And in this way, we often forget who we really are.
We bend not to stratch. Each of us knows the situation of not saying no in time, for fear of being unpublished or of other consequences. All too often we let our fears guide us. In respect of my photography, i want to encourage women, which i mainly photograph, to be female again. Because, in my perspective, you have forgotten your role as a woman. You have learned to adjust rather than not to attack. That makes you look too much from the mens world. This makes you likely infeminine and makes you more and more insecure. Clear, because they are not in their own role.
So a shooting becomes an exciting journey to yourself. And i promise you, when you let yourself fall and the wall of your egos comes down, beautiful moments are created for eternity. And at this moment the photograph becomes a work of art too. Because you, as an artist, create something, developed something that lies very deeply hidden. How a huge block of marble is carved into a sculpture that was just waiting to be picked out. That is why photography begins with oneself. I, as a photographer, create a breeding soil so that an atmosphere can develop during a photo shooting, in which the model can down completely. A room of total trust. Because i strongly believe, only if you are completely yourself, without wasting any thought about your impact. Only then you are the most beautiful. This is the philosophy of my photography that i live with every phase. And everyone who has ever experienced me at a photo shooting will confirm this to you.


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