Naked Sales

Naked Sales

Scanning and Virtual Sales

Manuel Jork

Band 6: EDITION 99

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


124 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783753478920

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.07.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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You are a sales professional or a freelancer, who wants to sell her/his services. Sales pros know how to ask the right questions, deal with objections, how to negotiate and how to close deals successfully. They do it every day. They have have a well proven toolbox at hand with all sorts of tricks and moves and words. Language is your most effective tool. You are a master of sleight of mouth. Now, there is still a challenge.

Assume your company is under pressure. Your boss pushes you to do more calls to turn negotiations that are on hold into POs quickly. You call your customer online and he seems to be okay with your approach. And then all of a sudden, I call it a Columbo, he makes that move: Ahh, by the way, if I release that PO at this point in time, I would like to get a BIG DISCOUNT from you in return, okay with that?

The truth is, in such a moment 8 out of 10 sales professionals get stuck and SPEECHLESS.

The moment the customer makes such a move, our brains react as if being under attack. This is a moment of stress. What our brains then execute is a self-defense reaction. We normally would instinctively fight, flee or freeze. What we do in a business situation where we cannot fight, flee nor freeze, we do MORE OF THE SAME. Like pushing a button more often and stronger. In reality this means we grab in our proven toolbox and apply the next best anti-objection-tool against the customers tricky request.

Now, if you switch your perception from the sales agents position to the position of the customer for a moment, what do you see? What do you sense? Right, you immediately sense two things: the sales agent is defending himself and is trying to fight himself out of this corner by counterattacking you, the customer. Now, what does that trigger in the customers mind? Well, two thoughts: the sales agent is caught on the wrong foot, is insecure, reveals a weak spot and could be easy prey. And I, the customer, have to watch out and defend myself first, then corner him even more.

This example tells us: Your customer is SCANNING you permanently and reacts on what signals he receives from you.

There are two sales phases, two time zones. BEFORE the SCAN and AFTER the SCAN.

Here is your new toolbox to pass THAT SCAN., especially in virtual sales calls.
Manuel Jork

Manuel Jork

Manuel Jork was born in Berlin in 1955, studied law at the Free University of Berlin and worked as labor lawyer and HR manager in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main from 1982 to 2000. During these years he was certified as NLP Master and Consultant for System Dynamics. In 1990 he started working as consultant and coach. He navigates executives and negotiation professionals through challenging situations and is specialized in creating cooperation between different people. He focuses on interfaces in organizations. Amazing things happen here. They are crossroads where competencies and performance unfold or get lost. He combines labor law and psychotherapy with organizational and leadership development. Together with a Swiss company, he has developed an international leadership program which has been implemented worldwide. The communication methods presented here are applied there. They connect all cultures. He lives in Northern Germany close to the Baltic Sea. He has two grown up children. And he is a member of Mensa in Germany and of Professor Gerald Hüther's Academy for Unfoldment of Potentials.

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