Murder at the Grammar School

Murder at the Grammar School

Detective Novel

Irvin Schuller

Krimis & Thriller


192 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783753496078

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 22.04.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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In a German town the headmaster of a grammar school is found murdered. Suspicion falls on the teacher Alexander Strasser, who has been in conflict with the headmaster for some time. Strasser was still at school late on the evening of the murder. He cannot provide an alibi because he was involved in a theft at the headmaster's office that evening, which he wants to cover up. Did he also kill the headmaster, perhaps in a fit of panic? He claims to be innocent, but to avoid arrest he flees to Spain. His friend Winfried is convinced of his innocence and gets him false papers. However, when Winfried reads his friend's diary and learns that he suffers from traumatic childhood violence, he begins to have doubts. The suspicion arises that Alex is haunted by fantasies of violence and dominated by a hatred of authoritarian father figures. Do early childhood memories of violence have such a grip on him that he murdered his director? The diaries make this seem increasingly likely. A love affair with a woman who is obviously taking advantage of him, and who may be the mastermind behind the murder, adds further complications to the course of events. Dramatic encounters with the police, an exchange of gunfire and another violent death force the teacher to continue his seemingly hopeless escape. A thrilling crime novel that also takes a critical look behind the scenes of German schools and teachers' rooms. The author himself taught at a grammar school. His caustic criticism of the school system with its often inadequate conditions is therefore no coincidence. The theme of friendship runs through the novel as a positive counter-moment, which will fascinate readers of all ages, regardless of whether they may remember their own school days or not.
Irvin Schuller

Irvin Schuller

Irvin Schuller is the pen name of Erwin Schüller, was born near Stuttgart in 1952 where he spent his childhood and youth. He studied English and Spanish in Freiburg and Barcelona. After training as a student teacher, he initially worked in adult education and was a freelance lecturer for German as a foreign language, computer programming and PC application programmes. In the last fifteen years of his professional career, he taught English and Spanish in grammar schools in southern Germany. Today he lives in a quiet village in Bavaria.

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